Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Black Beauty, a Tail Water Trout Favorite

The Black Beauty midge originated from Blue Quill Angler fishing guide, Pat Dorsey, distinguished for his creation of the Black Beauty into one of the most noteworthy flies an angler must have for fly fishing in Colorado's tail waters.  The Black Beauty is a subsurface wet fly, a favorite larva pattern that represents a Blackfly, Chironomid that is proven to be a zesty hankering for more trout than I can count.  I am fond of tying this fundamental fly in a several variations as well as in a small size #18 - #22 hook.

My original encounters of the Black Beauty wasn't until a Fall fishing adventure remembrance of a father and son out on a fishing excursion.  These guys simply dropped into the local fly fishing shop and purchased what the shop recommended.  When I kindly inquired of their sharing of success, neither one knew what the name of the fly was, but that it was a " little black fly".

I recently started tying flies last October with an astonishing success from the beginning catching many prizewinning trout.  Words cannot explicate the empowerment of catching sizeable trout on my own tied flies.  The Black Beauty in particular, is a simple larva I have explored with several clever tied variations.

Last December, I took my long time fly fishing guide friend, Jon Baiocchi, to one of my fond tail waters here Colorado, the Stagecoach.  In preparation of the fishing trip, we invested a good couple of days tying flies.  In tying the Black Beauty, I kept in mind the natural insects body shape.  Gas bubbles form around the body and at the head giving it a shimmer to length.  As the black midge swims to the surface of the water to emerge as an adult, there is a gleam that is given off by the gas of which fish are enticed by.  Tying in the fly kitchen from scratch seems to be more appetizing to the trout then purchasing it from the ready made trout deli.  At least in my experience.

Jon and I fished at different sections of the river not far from one another and each caught numerous trout, particularly on the Black Beauty.  I use the TMC 2487, 2488 hooks #18- 24 and #18-22 curved scud.  I use both 8/0 Uni-Thread or 6/0 Uni-Thread, black for the body.  For ribbing, silver wire TSW1252.  A Cat trick I love is using white wire which has had the trout satisfyingly chomping on this fly as well.  For thorax, super fine black dubbing.

The Black Beauty can be an effective fly year round in the tail waters.  Every angler must have the Black Beauty in possession of their fly box.  See you on the river!

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