Tuesday, May 12, 2020

WORN Brand Ambassador Interview

I wanted to share with you an interview I did with WORN.  It reveals a little bit about me and my passion for all things fly fishing! As a brand ambassador, I'm exceptionally proud to represent such an amazing company and their excellent products.

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WORN makes a complete line of technical socks for any kind of activities  you do. 
If you are the person who believes there is a "right tool" for every job, you are in the right place. Each WORN product is designed with features specific to where and how you'll be using it, enhancing both comfort and performance. Check out the complete line of WORN including the frictionless thermal wader socks that make putting on a pair of waders effortlessly.  See the link below to check out their website!

As a brand ambassador, I take my role very seriously.  I represent products I believe in and have thoroughly tested. Besides WORN, I also represent Mcfly, and Togens Fly Shop. Check out the links below and find out more about these fantastic fly fishing companies.  Look for future Fly Fishing with Cat Toy blog reviews about the products they make!

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