Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The WildStream Searcher Fly Rod

The WildStream Searcher fly rod is notably constructed for the European Style Nymphing fishing technique.  The Searcher is finely fabricated with IM 10 braided weaved graphite and a thin wall design which allows the angler to have a great feel of a lightweight, receptive fly rod.  The rod has a strengthened, sound butt and midsection.  It has an ultra-receptive tip that can pick up subtle nubble of the river. 

This fast action rod comes in 10' and 10' 6" in 2, 3, and 4 wt. and has plenty of horsepower to pluck the exceptional fish.  The handle of the Searcher fly rod is of refined, smooth cork from Portugal.  The rod has four overlays of paint application and finished with two veneers of high strength, transparency pearl luster varnish.  Pacbay guides sequence along the rod completes the rod for hypersensitivity and swift action.  The fly rod comes with two tip sections.

This European style nymphing fly rod has permitted me to effectively pursue the water where the fish are deep into the fish pots.  I have decked  my 10 ft. 4 wt. WildStream Searcher fly rod with a Lamson Remix Sublime Reel 5-6 wt, a fresh Rio Euro Nymph Freshwater #2 - 5, and a Rio Euro Nymph tapered leader 11-12 ft.  I fished the Searcher in high, fast runoffs, laggard flows, and in deep, swift runs of 4 different rivers here in Colorado.

The WildStream Searcher found this rainbow trout.

The WildStream Searcher fly rod is superb with easy casting and in reaching other parts of the current.  The soft tip gives the rod the sensitive and contact with the rod activity.  I can detect my flies knocking the belly of the river and the snarf from a fish.  You can definitely expect to land some impressive, enormous fish like a champ with this fly rod!

For the experienced angler, the WildStream Searcher is a very affordable European Style Nymphing fly rod at $225 that allows plenty of banknotes left for a reel, line, and some cowboy cookies.  This four piece rod comes in at a full 10’ length and breaks down neatly fitting into it's rod case.  I absolutely love the performance of this rod!  I believe you will too!  Get ready to get your WildStream Searcher fly rod:

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